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Sweet, rich and delicate...

Abalone, that's what we're referring to.

ChangHoSek is proud to present a new year of sweet beginnings with two tasty flavours of abalone.

Enjoy the richness of flavour as well as the delicate texture of our top-quality abalone offered brined or braised - both taste so good, your family will love every single bite.


Basketsful of joy and abundance

Usher in an auspicious year with family and friends by gifting ChangHoSek abalone.
Available in sets of 2 or 3 cans.

A perfect gift

Available in these colours. Repurpose them by storing oranges, red packets and hand sanitzer for your CNY visiting trips.


One or more for everyone

One or more for everyone 10 individual size abalone in a can! Available in 2 ready to serve tasty flavours - braised and brine.