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2pc Surprise Tingkat

2pc Surprise Tingkat


Surprise Tingkat consist of 2pc random mooncakes (U.P $54-$65)


- Mooncakes are randomly picked by Changhosek.

- No exchange of mooncake is allowed.

- Delivery of surprise tingkats will be on 28th September 2023 between 10-3pm. 

- Please ensure someone will be home to receive your mooncakes as we will not be held responsible for any mooncakes left at the door as there may be snow skin mooncakes in your surprise tingkat.


Packed in 2 layer food safe stainless steel tingkat.

Each layer contains 1 individually wrapped mooncake.

Gift box with handle included.

  • Baked Crust – Gold syrup, peanut oil, wheat flour
    Filling – White lotus seed paste, melon seeds, salted duck egg yolk, premium matcha, red bean, sugar

    Snow skin – Flour, sugar, peanut oil, food grade colour
    Filling – D24 durian, mao shan wang durian, purple sweet potato, melon seeds, peach flavour, oolong tea, chrysanthemum truffle

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